What is the Red Balloon Run & Ride?

The Red Balloon Run & Ride is a family friendly fun run, walk & cycling event held on Saturday, April 21, 2018 at Children’s Medical Center Plano.

How do I Start a New Team, Reform a Team or Join a Team?

Click on the following links to follow PDF instructions:

Start a New Team    Re-form a Team    Join a Team

I’ve registered, am I signed up to fundraise too?

Yes! You can start fundraising today.

Can both runners and cyclists be on the same team?

Yes!  Your team can consist of Runners, Walkers, Cyclists, Sleep In's and Virtual Participants.

Do you time any of the events?

No!  This is a family-friendly event and none of the events are timed.

Can I walk the 5K and can I bring my stroller?

Absolutely! We strive to be family friendly and stage the 5K by Runners, Walkers and Strollers so you can go at your own pace and enjoy the day!

What is the difference between Sleep in and Virtual Participants?

Sleep In for Children's will allow you to get a Race Day Packet and T-Shirt while Virtual Participants

will not receive a Packet or T-Shirt.  Both options still allow you to Join a Team and Fundraise.

Can I run/walk with my dog?

Unfortunately no.  Plano Health Codes prevent having animals, except service animals, on hospital property.

What are the programs, services, clinics or research centers that my fundraising can benefit?

You can choose any program, service, clinic or research center at Children's. The choice is yours!

Click here for a list of Children’s Health specialties

Can each member of my team fundraise for a separate specialty program within Children's?

Not at this time.  Fundraising designations can only be made at the team level.

How does my team earn a Team Tent?

Each fundraising team that raises $10,000 in donations qualifies for a Team Tent! You then have the opportunity to decorate your tent and be entered in the Team Tent Decorating contest! $10,000 earns a 10'x 20' tent, $15,000 earns a 20'x 20' tent and $20,000 earns a 20' x 40' tent! Team Tent deadline is April 6, 2018!

Do you have any suggestions for fundraising?

Yes we do! Check out our helpful hints and more on our Fundraising Tools page.

What is a corporate coupon code?

Corporate coupon codes are issued to corporations which sponsor their employees by paying their registration fee. If your company supports fundraising or registration fee reimbursement, and you need a corporate coupon code, send your request to info@passionforchildrens.org.

Are all donations tax deductible?

Yes. Passion for Children’s, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization created exclusively to raise money for Children’s Health, and all donations to PFC are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law.

How do I get a tax receipt?

At the end of each calendar year, tax receipts are sent to every individual whose donation exceeds $250. For any donation of $250 or less the canceled check or credit card statement are sufficient for the IRS, however, PFC will provide a tax receipt to any donor upon request. info@passionforchildrens.org.

What is Passion for Children’s, Inc.’s Tax ID number?


To whom are checks made payable?

Checks should be made payable to Passion for Children’s, Inc. Please be sure to include the participant’s name and team name in the memo line on the check to ensure the donation is allocated to the appropriate fundraising account.

Where do I mail my fundraising checks?

(Do not mail cash)

Passion for Children’s, Inc.
Post Office Box 192611
Dallas, Texas  75219

Office Phone:  214-526-9712

Is it safe to mail in cash?

No. It is not safe to mail in cash.

Other Questions?

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