2019 Red Balloon Run & Ride


Welcome to our Team!

We will be posting news about our team, upcoming team meetings and events here. Please consider donating or joining our team!

Who are we supporting?

We are able to Pick a Fight and choose the specific program, service, clinic, and/or research center we want to support.

The Informaniacs are supporting the GENder Education and Care Interdisciplinary Support (GENECIS) Program.  The GENECIS program is the first program in the Southwest that provides affirmative, comprehensive endocrine care and mental health support for transgender and gender diverse youth.

100% of the money we raise will go to Children's in support of my Fight!

What is Passion for Children's?

Passion for Children's is a grassroots fundraising campaign, designed for people of all ages, for the exclusive benefit of Children's Health. We encourage participants to pledge to raise a minimum of $100 annually, and choose a specific program, service, clinic and/or research center to benefit from their fundraising.

Everyone may not have the same cause, but Passion for Children's unites fundraisers through hope, courage, vision and determination to make a difference in the lives of children treated at Children's Health.

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