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Dearest Friends and Family,

As many of you know Mike, Grayson and Brady all have a condition called Hereditary Spherocytosis! This a a form of a blood disease that causes the spleen to attack blood cells when they get sick. A majority of the time this condition will just cause a little extra anemia, they can be a bit more tired or take a little extra time to recover from a virus etc.

There can be the rare instance when they can experience an anemic crisis and last year this is exactly what happened to our poor Grayson!

Grayson picked up a case of Mono and Parvo (YIKES!!) and in response his body was trying to fight off these infections while at the same time his spleen was attacking his red blood cells. He was super tired, had a headache and just wanted to sleep all the time. Now if you know Mr. G, low energy is not part of who he is. After a visit to his wonderful Pediatrician, Dr. Jay Schwartz he thought to draw his blood he shared that G had a very low iron levels. Low enough to tell Mike to take G to the emergency room at Children's Plano.

As a mother receiving the call that your kiddo is being sent to the ER by their Dr is terrifying..... but being sent for something that you truly did not understand is another level of anxiety that I still to this day cannot think about without tearing up.

Once at Children's the team jumped into action and I while still scared knew we were in the hands of the most capable care team we could ask for! After further testing we learned that not only were Grayson's iron levels extremely low but his reticulocytes (baby blood cells) were critically low as well. In short, his body was killing his blood cells and was not making new ones to replace them.
Grayson was quickly transferred downtown to Children's Medical Center where he was cared for by the very best Hematology and Oncology team! Grayson received two blood transfusions during our three day stay.

When we got here Grayson was very sick and weak. The team was amazing and not only worked to reduce our anxiety, but they made sure to include him in his care, made sure he understood what was going to or was being done to him and why. They somehow made it fun! He had time to play in the amazing playrooms, visit with the service dogs, see the amazing trainscape (and it IS amazing).

While we were in the hospital I saw so many kids so much sicker than mine and knew that we were probably going to be visitors here rather than the other kids that practically if not literally lived in this hospital and I thought to myself that I wanted to ensure that those kids would have the resources needed to have the best care and at least a little bit of fun!

Please consider joining Team Sphero Heroes and walking in the Red Balloon Fun Run on May 11th!
If you can't join us for the event, please consider making a donation and support the amazing work done at Children's!

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