2019 Red Balloon Run & Ride

Team Bella

Welcome to Team Bella!

Please consider joining our team or donating on Bella's behalf!  Her story is a remarkable testimony to the healing power of prayer and the love of Christ – and her journey isn’t over yet. Bella is currently going through intensive inpatient therapy in order to regain full mobility on her right side and while she is taking assisted steps now, her speech and cognitive abilities are returning at a much slower pace.


On February 13, 2019 at 6:40 am, their family’s lives were brought to a standstill. Bella was perfectly healthy when she went to bed the night before, but she became unresponsive that morning.

Her mom and grandfather were able to get Bella to the local ER in Wylie, where they told the family that the CT scan revealed the entire left side of her brain was covered in blood, with the cause unknown.

Within the hour, they were in a helicopter ride wtih Bella on a ventilator on their way to Children’s Hospital in Dallas. 

Bella was in a medically induced coma for several weeks with the pressure in her brain spiking to frightening levels. Their family watched in horror as an inconceivable amount of blood that drained from a shunt in Bella’s skull. As a result of the bleed, Bella was paralyzed on the right side and the doctors were unsure of the extent of the brain damage and cognitive deficiencies that would result from the trauma.

 God has been overwhelmingly faithful throughout this entire life-altering ordeal and NONE of their family (most obviously Bella), would have made it this far without His love, trustworthiness, and willingness to answer the cries of those who have petitioned Him on Bella’s behalf for total healing.


What is Passion for Children's?

Passion for Children's is a grassroots fundraising campaign, designed for people of all ages, for the exclusive benefit of Children's Health. We encourage participants to pledge to raise a minimum of $100 annually, and choose a specific program, service, clinic and/or research center to benefit from their fundraising.

Everyone may not have the same cause, but Passion for Children's unites fundraisers through hope, courage, vision and determination to make a difference in the lives of children treated at Children's Health.

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