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Pet Therapist - Making Life Not So "Ruff"

Welcome to our Team!

PetSmart Charities Pet-Assisted Therapy Dog program at Children's Medical Center helps deliver the comfort of home to patients' hospital rooms, ambulatory clinic and playrooms. The power of an animal to promote positive coping in an unfamiliar or even scary environment during challenging situations is amazing. The benefits of pet-assisted therapy can also include:

* Reduction of anxiety

* Lowered blood pressure

* Better focus and fewer distractions

* Normalization of the hospital environment

Thanks to a generous donation from PetSmart Charities, we have expanded our existing pet-assisted therapy program to provide more dogs for more patients more days of the week. The funds provided by PetSmart Charities is a five-year commitment.

With additional philanthropic support, Children's Medical Center Foundation's goal is to build a $5 million endowment to sustain the program in perpetuity. Children's Health proudly partners with organizations dedicated to providing trained, certified animals and their handlers to Children's Medical Center.

For more information on the Pet-Assisted Therapy Dog program at Children's Medical Center, go to www.childrens.com/patient-families/resources-for-your-child/child-life/pet-assisted-therapy


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