2019 Red Balloon Run & Ride

Team Jackson and Alec "Bubba"


Dr. Seuss once said “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”


We walk for a cure in honor of our angel, Jackson! He is a special little guy who fought a very brave battle with cancer. Jackson was diagnosed in November 2014, with a very rare and aggressive type of tumor, a 3lb Rhabdoid tumor that was attached to his liver. This tumor did not come with a good prognosis but the Patterson family (Ashley, John, Tristan and Emma) decided to fight the fight with their sweet boy.  


There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world. Although Jackson only blessed us with his presence for a short time, it was not without meaning. Jackson touched more people in his year and half than some people touch in a lifetime.


Jackson himself had a big personality for such a small body. He loved to dance, eat lots of popcorn, and have his three B’s, which stands for his binky, blanket, and bear. He loved to snuggle, he enjoyed playing outdoors with his siblings, and if his vocabulary had been fully developed, he could have quoted despicable me, the Lego movie, and big hero 6.


Jackson continues to live on in each and every one of his family members and friends and is present in their hearts, thoughts, and actions. He can be found deep within them providing them with strength they hadn’t had before. They find comfort knowing that Jackson won his battle and is now an angel among us. He was planted on earth to bloom in heaven.




Please help us support Children's Hospital for Jackson and all of the other strong babies and families fighting a battle against cancer.


Thank you! 



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