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First Birthday!
First Birthday!


Welcome to our Team!

We will be posting news about our team, upcoming team meetings and events here. Please consider donating or joining our team!


What is Passion for Children's?

Passion for Children's is a grassroots fundraising campaign, designed for people of all ages, for the exclusive benefit of Children's Health. We encourage participants to pledge to raise a minimum of $100 annually, and choose a specific program, service, clinic and/or research center to benefit from their fundraising.

Everyone may not have the same cause, but Passion for Children's unites fundraisers through hope, courage, vision and determination to make a difference in the lives of children treated at Children's Health.

Welcome to Team Alastar, he's our SuperHero in our family! Alastar was born with Tetrology of Fallot. It was not recognized until he was 2-3 weeks old. He was able to go home, but in his first 9 months of life he was only able to be home for approximately 6 weeks.

When he was about 4 months old he underwent surgery to repair the hole in his heart which was thought to be the size of a dime. We found out after a long surgery it was the size of a nickle, note his heart was so small (at birth it's the size of a walnut), so a nickle size hole is pretty large in comparison. Alastar did well through the surgery. Everyone was mentally and physically exhausted afterwards so we all went home to let the nurses and doctors monitor him while he was still recovering.

The next morning we received a call no one wants to get, get to the hospital right away. We came in to find Alastar connected my what seemed like a million wires, probes, and tubes. He had coded at 5:30am without any explanation. Everyone was lost and baffled trying to find an answer. I have been in the medical field for some 25 years and it was, to say the least, overwhelming. Doctor after doctor came through with the same look and words, "we're working hard to find out what happened". I'm not sure but after about the 4th doctor, I finally told them "It's ok, sometimes "we" don't have an answer and we're ok with that. God has a plan for him because you all worked so hard to save him and that it's all ok now." We'll just move one step at a time from here.

Alastar stayed on the ECMO for almost 2 weeks. It was very heart wrenching to see his tiny little body just lying there. All I could think about was how MIGHTY MY GOD IS. If we're going to get through this, I had to allow him to get in the driver seat. He was finally taken off the ECMO for the 2nd time and did improve daily over the next 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately, he forgot all his motor skills and he was blessed with a g-tube. The training began on how we would take care of him. Again a blessing was that after finally gaining enough weight and tolerating tube feeding Alastar would finally get to leave the hospital with fulltime homecare nurses to assist with the transition.

This is the end of March and he's come so far with the help of Children's Hospital, Homecare nurses and family. Alastar has made strides, he now is able to swallow thickend baby food. Might I add he eats 2 jars at a setting! It takes a lot for a SuperHero to stay strong. He still gets tube feeding with liquids, as they are too thin still. He is also doing his own style of scoot-crawling...lol

Thank you all for your support and we look to celebrate more birthdays and milestones in the future.

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