2019 Red Balloon Run & Ride

HilltopSecurities' 2017 Team
HilltopSecurities' 2017 Team

Hilltop Securities Inc

Welcome to Our Team!

HilltopSecurities helps advance the financial opportunities of communities, businesses, and individuals alike. But that’s only part of the story. What we do redefines the idea of community involvement and impacts what matters most: the city you love, the company you work for, and the savings that sustain you.

Since 2016, we've raised $210,000 for Children’s Health through the Red Balloon Run & Ride. The amount includes $150,000 in employee-raised donations and $60,000 in sponsorship donations on behalf of the firm.

We hope you can help us reach our definition of success in supporting Children’s Health so they can continue to provide relief to the children and families that pass through their doors every day.

Our Definition of Success

Our definition of fundraising success for this year’s Red Balloon Run & Ride is $25,000. For the past three years, we've met this goal and we plan to do so again. To help us get there, consider joining our team.

Registration is free for employees and their immediate families. If you’re unable to attend but still want to support a great cause, consider offering a donation. Each donation goes to helping Children’s Health treat more than 800,000 patients every year.

Collaboration is an integral part of HilltopSecurities’ core values—by working together we will reach our goal!


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